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The Varna Educational Exhibition (known in the public space as the Educational Museum) is the first children’s museum in Bulgaria. It was opened way back in 1986 and is located on the ground floor of the Archaeological Museum. It has two halls and a courtyard.

The founders are the Varna archaeologists and museum curators Dimitar Dimitrov and Ivan Ivanov. Their goal is to make a museum exhibition accessible and attractive to children, which will enrich their knowledge of the past and provoke greater interest in history and archaeology. Since 1989, the Curator of the Educational Museum is Liliana Lipcheva.

The created exposition examines the life of people during the prehistoric era, the life of the Slavs and proto-Bulgarians. Three types of dwellings are shown (prehistoric dwelling, Slavic semi-earthen house and proto-Bulgarian yurt), tools from different eras, vertical loom, chromel, manual potter’s wheel.

This museum lacks the traditional distance between visitor and exhibits. Visitors (young and old) have direct access to them. All items are copies of original samples and can be used. Demonstrations show the public the achievements of experimental archaeology.

“I hear and forget, see and remember, do and understand” – this ancient Chinese proverb well illustrates the concept of the creators of the museum. That’s why they chose the name Ucheben, not just a children’s museum.

Since its opening in 1986, the Varna Educational Museum has attracted great interest. Every year, thousands of students pass through its halls, but there is a lack of renovation of the expositions and premises. The first children’s museum as of 2012 turned out to have a neglected courtyard, no external entrance, with poor lighting and inefficient use of available space. The museum needs a change.

Thus, in 2012-2013, the implementation of a large-scale Bulgarian-American project “Museum for young and old” began. The Regional History Museum – Varna finds like-minded people and generous financial support in the form of the American Science Center – Sofia and the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. They join forces to create a modern interactive exhibition for children and teenagers, with air conditioning, new lighting in the halls and a completely renovated courtyard.

The educational museum opens its doors again to welcome its young and old visitors.

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